When it comes to pursuing a goal or making a difference in our lives, there are two things to consider: the importance of constant progress and the need for self-discipline. But, in today’s society, it’s clear that most of us are looking for instant gratifications. In a world that is always going faster and faster, we tend to develop the desire to want everything right away. We tend to think that our efforts must be rewarded quickly.

Yet, by a simple observation, it is easy to see that successful people are always those who are the most disciplined and who practice the things that matter the most to them on a constant basis. But, when we see a successful person, we often forget the long process of upstream work. Indeed, they all go through a series of failures and hardships before they succeed. But, their ‘secret’ comes from their resilience to failure and their ability to get up and keep persevering. Those people are the most rigorous in the long run. For example, the best athletes are those who train at the same time every day. The best writers are those who write every morning. This premise works for every area of life. No one has ever had their dream conveniently dropped in their lap.

That’s why I get really inspired by turtles. Indeed, I find that turtles have many things to teach us. You probably know the fable of The Tortoise and the Hare. The perseverance of the tortoise helped her reach the final line. And because he failed to use his exceptional abilities with rigor, the hare lost the race.

In other word : “Attitude, not aptitude, determines altitude”. Zig Ziglar




In fact, time is in favour of those who take small steps. Our ability to repeat daily actions with consistency determines the quality of our future. This is why perseverance is an essential quality to develop, it takes time to change a habit or to make progress towards achieving a goal. No need to push it so hard! We just need to adopt the same attitude as the turtle. Which means we need to commit to a process and take our time to make progress on a daily basis, one small step at a time.

And, you know, this post is very significant to me because – as you probably know – I plan on making a living from my art. In order to do so, I paint every day, I take care of my social media network and I do what is necessary to promote my art and gather an audience. And, of course, all this is really time consuming.

For example, this painting took me a lot of time because, as Igot inspired by aboriginal works, I chose to paint one dot at a time.

For example, this painting took me a lot of time because, as I got inspired by aboriginal works, I chose to paint one dot at a time. And, sometimes, I got really impatient. So, during those moments, I do my best to keep my cool and it is always a good opportunity to strengthen my self-discipline.




You know, discipline is often frowned upon. Yet, I think that it’s a required skill for a well-rounded life. As Will Smith put it so well: « Self-discipline is the definition of self-love. When we love ourselves, it means that we have a behaviour towards ourselves that is loving and that we choose actions that are in our own best interest. « 

Indeed, we have to be willing to do what it takes to make a dream come true. And this implies the courage to make sacrifices and to give up our desires of the moment. For example, I often want to do everything but sit on my chair to paint. But as I have promised myself, I always respect my daily painting sessions. Of course, this is just an example. Self-discipline can help us achieve any purpose. It can be about anything such as eating healthier, thinking more positively, changing a restrictive belief, getting fitter, etc.

Are you convinced? Would you like to develop your self-discipline?


Here are 2 steps to develop your self discipline :

  1. Clarity : If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no windis favourable. So, to progress in the long run, we need to know what we want. That’s for sure, but we also need to know the ‘why’ of it. Because you show more determination when you have a reason. It is only with a strong « why » that we can keep persevering in difficult times.
  2. Small wins : The steady repetition of small daily steps determinesthe quality of our future. Yes, but in addition to that, we should learn to praise ourselves and celebrate every progress. Indeed, small wins are the best way to keep our willpower intact in the long run.


Of course, do not forget that everything is a matter of balance. To live fully, one should find a balance between detachment and commitment, between cosiness and discipline, between craziness and seriousness. To live fully is to find a balance between the appreciation of the present moment and the longing to pursue our dreams and goals. So, being more disciplined is often required, but sometimes, we also need to lay back and to approach things with some amount of playfulness.

Here it is, I hope you liked this article. If so, I invite you to leave me a comment. I am curious to have your feedback on this.

Have a nice day 🙂



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